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Forced Termination

The value of pFIL relies on having a 1:1 backing with FIL. If a miner remains in a faulty state, Filecoin's slashing mechanism will reduce their FIL assets significantly, placing asset safety in danger. In such cases, the Miner Actor repledged with Repl might be subject to forced termination.

The following diagram depicts the important thresholds of the MinerActor’s asset that will be constantly monitored by the Repl protocol.


Should there be a significant drop in the asset value of a miner, the system will initially issue a warning through public channels like Twitter or Slack. If the decline continues and reaches a critical point, Repl will terminate the miner's operations. This action is taken to ensure enough FIL is recovered to back up the value of pFIL. .

We strongly advise all Storage Providers (SPs) who have repledged their Miner Actors with Repl to closely monitor the health of their miner assets. If there's a significant decrease in asset value, please top up funds to the Miner Actor to prevent forced termination.