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Use Cases

Use Cases for Storage Providers

Repl introduces a suite of utilities for pledged FIL assets within the Filecoin Network, providing enhanced value in a variety of use cases:


  • Liquidity Management:
    • Enables the conversion of locked assets into liquid, fungible, and reward-earning tokens.
    • Offers the flexibility to unstake these tokens based on liquidity needs, enhancing financial management.
  • Mining Booster:
    • Facilitates easy access to FIL liquidity through pFIL minting, and aids in leveraging mining activities by using this liquidity to scale operations and achieve higher rewards.

Use Cases for Token Holders

  • Earning Rewards:
    • Allows holding of pFIL to receive rewards, serving as a straightforward way to participate in Filecoin base return.
    • Simplifies the process of entering and exiting positions, making it accessible for various strategy profiles.
  • Trading Opportunities:
    • Creates opportunities to trade the pFIL/FIL pair, leveraging market fluctuations for potential rewards.
    • Utilizes pFIL as a tool for hedging risks associated with FIL, opening doors to diverse investment strategies.
  • Restaking pFIL to Secure Other Networks:
    • Enables the staking of pFIL with Layer 2 networks on the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) and InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC) subnets.
    • Offers a pathway to earn additional rewards while contributing to the security and robustness of these networks.