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Welcome to Repl!

Repl is the first repledging Protocol for pledged DePIN assets. It aims to enhance the efficiency of locked DePIN tokens, remove idiosyncratic risks among DePIN service providers, and lower the complexity for people to earn DePIN protocol rewards.

To do so, Repl tokenizes the safe portion of locked tokens held by DePINs through repledging, and establishes a liquid market between such token and the native DePIN token. Because the repledged token is equivalent to a locked token on DePINs, it can also be used in restaking use cases for extended utility and rewards.

Currently, Repl supports repledging for Filecoin (FIL) with pFIL. A pFIL token represents one locked FIL that is:

  • Free from any slashing penalties,
  • Fully fungible with no idiosyncratic risks, and
  • Generating rewards.